We expand your audience instantly.

Upload your webinar or podcast and instantly receive transcripts, AI summaries, highlight clips and more to grow and engage your audience with the format that's best for them.

What Foyer gives you

Upload your video and podcast to Foyer and we will give you all of this back

Instant Clips

Create clips to share in seconds

AI-powered Insights

A set of instant summaries for your content

Accurate Transcripts

A highly accurate transcript in less than 5 minutes

Podcast ready audio

We provide a podcast ready mp3 from your video

Custom Player

An embeddable player customised specifically for you

Everything Embeddable

Embed all of our features on your site

Audience Interaction

Our player gives you the ability to add polls, questions and more

Detailed Analytics

Understand how your viewers and listeners interact with your content

Foyer makes more of your video or podcasts

Our goal is to help you get the most out of the webinars, videos and podcasts that you produce.

Accurate, fast transcripts

Our industry leading AI transcription provides you with a highly accurate transcript in less than 5 minutes. We have made it easy to edit and make the transcript highly readable by adding section titles and images.

AI or Human

Our AI transcription is industry leading (95% accuracy), or can upgrade to human powered for 100% accuracy

Make videos SEO friendly

Export as text, formatted HTML, or use our embed and add to your site to start reaping the SEO benefits

Images from your video

Quickly add images or slides from your video to the transcript so that the reader can see exactly what is being talked about

Make your videos accessible

Your transcript powers subtitles which make your content accessible to all

Create clips in seconds

We're not exaggerating. Use your transcript to create clips faster than you can watch them by just selecting the text from the transcript that you want in your clip.

Share on social media

Download your clips and share on social media quickly and easily

No more waiting for video editing

It is incredibly easy to make clips in Foyer. Select text, click create and your clip is ready to share

Make it yours

Add custom intros, outros and logos to video for a polished, branded result

Instant AI Insights

Our AI mines your content for insights, creating shareable summaries of the knowledge in your video or podcast.


Encourage no-shows for your live event to watch the recording by summarising what they missed out on.

Section your content quickly and easily

Use insights to chapter your content so that your audience can quickly jump to the section relevant to them.

Start making the most of your video now.

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