What Foyer is

Foyer is an AI-powered technology platform that businesses use to significantly enhance the power of their videos and podcasts.

Companies use Foyer to capture a bigger audience for their recorded content and gain insights into viewer behaviour.

In a world where companies are increasingly shifting towards virtual communications in order to capture a greater audience by offering invaluable insights and knowledge, the investment made into videos and podcasts is too often much greater than the impact it achieves.

We know that people feel increasingly time-poor and overwhelmed by content. Currently, viewers are expected to commit significant periods of time to virtual content in order to access the knowledge and insights that are on offer.

If a webinar is an hour long, you are requiring an hour’s investment from every single attendee. Each event follows a similar pattern – 100 people are invited, 10 of those register and only 4 actually attend. Even if all 100 of the invitees are highly interested in the content, they might simply not have an hour to spend at an event.

Foyer is a state of the art technology platform that turns pre-recorded video into many other forms of content that can be consumed at any time: interactive video on demand, text summaries and key highlights, clips for sharing on social media full articles, podcasts, and video highlights.

This allows users to deliver their content to their audience in whichever way the audience finds easiest to consume in order to capture the most amount of viewers as possible.

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