Make your videos work harder

No longer are your videos unsearchable, untapped, and hidden away. We give your customers access to your most valuable content.

Get 10 x the value from your video

Generate more value from every video, produce and publish content faster and eliminate onerous tasks.

Engage your audience

Your videos are a gold mine of valuable insights. We unlock the highest value in all videos - what people say.

Turn video into text

Every video gets a high-quality automatic transcription providing you with content that is SEO friendly.

Human - assisted transcription

For transcriptions that require absolute perfection, our team of transcribers can turnaround a transcript in less than 24 hours.

Make every video accessible

With every video, you have the option to add captions and subtitles making it easier to watch your content.

Content creation made easy

Foyer makes it easy for today’s busiest content creators to grow and engage their audience meaning you don’t need to worry about what to write.

Video summarised

Using the most advanced AI system we provided instant text-based summaries of videos enabling your audience to better navigate the video.

Kickstart your creativity

With our article jumpstart, using advanced AI, every video gets a prompt for blog article ideas. Make your video go further.

Unlock the value

All too often your videos are abandoned on a website hoping to be seen. Give your audience the content they want to consume and on their terms.

Podcasts made easy

Every video comes with a podcast-ready version making it easy for your audience to catch your content on the go.

Make your video social

With just a couple of clicks, you can turn your videos into shareable content with social-media clips and highlight reels.

Optimise your video

Foyer is an easy and fast way to optimise your long-form video. Our embeddable player is designed to improve audience engagement and provide you with insights.

Interact with your audience

Give your audience a chance to express their opinions and share ideas by using polls and questions throughout your video.

Make your video convert

Make your videos work harder for you and assist with lead generation by adding call-to-actions.

Take back control

Stop your audience from getting distracted with our ad-free embeddable player.

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