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Events that go further

Foyer for Events

Do you believe that you make the most of your events?

Foyer can help you to turn your event into content that keeps on giving for months after the original moment.

Make the event more than a moment in time

Retarget attendees by letting them know what happened in the sessions that they missed. Increase reengagement after the event and let them catch up with your content on demand.

Archive access

Give attendees paid access to your event archive so that they can catch up on what they missed

Extend the life of your event

Publish edited transcripts to your website and extend the life of the event over the entire year

Reap the SEO benefits of text

Every spoken word transcribed to text so that you can publish to your website and have your content found

Upload, Clip, Share. In less than 5 minutes.

When an event is running you don't have time to wait for a video production team to make clips. Foyer lets you create clips from your event while it is still on.

Clips in seconds

Making clips is incredibly simple. Select text, click create clip and... that's it. It's ready.

Full Branded

Branded intros and outros and add logos

Coming Soon

Clips from live streams

Custom designed quote cards in a snap

Select the text you want, click, and you're done. Full customisable to fit your brand and ready faster than you can copy and paste to your image editor.

30+ Templates available

Use a template from our library to get going quickly

Or completely bespoke

Work with our team to create bespoke templates that match your brand DNA

Are you ready to make more of your event?

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