Use Cases

Make training highly effective

Foyer for Training

Deliver training at a different level

Delivering training via video allows you to build up a library of training materials. Foyer makes the process simple, completely accessible and allows you to keep track of who has engaged with what, along with a whole lot more.

Understand trainee engagement

We offer more analytics tools for internal use only so that you can keep track of who is engaging with your content.

Track views and engagement over time

See who has completed which videos at a glance

Detect trends in viewer engagement

See which content isn't hitting home and which is highly effective

Engage more fully with your trainees

We've built in tools that allow two way engagement from your viewers.


Understand what trainees think on a topic


Let viewers ask trainers a question directly and have answers added to the content for future reference

Add Supporting Materials

Add downloadable supporting materials to your training quickly and easily

Accessible and searchable from day 0

Everything that you put into foyer is transcribed immediately. This means that we can offer high quality subtitles immediately and your entire knowledgebase is searchable too.

Text transcription by default

Foyer is powered by high quality AI transcription meaning that you have a high quality, editable transcript of every video

Completely Accessible

Make sure that all of your trainees can interact with your content by including subtitles immediately

Search in Transcripts

We give you the ability to search within your content. No more "I think it's in this video, find it immediately.

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