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Webinars on demand that people want to watch

Foyer for Webinars

How Foyer improves the value of webinars

Live webinars are incredible tools to connect with your customers, engage with new prospects and share knowledge with your audience. They require significant time to plan, lots of coordination and a whole bunch of nerves waiting to see which registrants actually turn up. But once they are over, they are often left to gather dust. Foyer changes that.

Recapture missing attendees

We know that half of the battle with a webinar is getting invitees to register and registrants to actually attend. Foyer makes it easy to quickly retarget those who missed your event to let them know what happened and encourage them to watch it again on demand.

Instant AI Synopsis

Foyer instantly creates an summary of what happened at your webinar so that people can see what they missed

Retarget Inviteees

Retarget those who missed the event by sending a quick summary which lets them jump straight into watch the recording

Easily make clips in seconds

Foyer makes it so easy to make clips that it takes seconds. Select the text for the sections you want and Foyer will make branded clips faster than you can email a video editor.

Clips for Sales

Your Sales team can use Foyer to make customised, highly targeted clips in seconds to send to prospects

Social Media

Share short highlight clips on LinkedIn, Twitter and more to showcase the insights your webinars provide

Just the Highlights

Make shorter highlight videos from your original long form content and share a 15 minute recap

Interact with post-live viewers

Tools that allow viewers to interact with speakers have become the norm within webinars. We've brought them to post-live video too, so that you can engage with your viewers after the event.


Find out what your audience thinks about your discussion with quick and easy to implement polls.

Audience Questions

Ask your audience questions and let them ask questions back

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